Juin 2022 nacre-like alumina ceramicsJuin 2022 Ti-6Al-4V

FIB Nanostructures

Within the context of a book writing entitled "FIB NANOSTRUCTURES" reporting an exhaustive state of the art of FIB various applications for the creation of nanostructures, an ILM team (CLYM partner) has been solicited for the radaction of a chapter titled  "FIB Design for Nanofluidic Application".  In this context, the authors have demonstrated that the use of the dual beam NVision 40 system present at CLYM gives access to a whole new application domain: the NanoFluidique.


Editors: Wang, Zhiming M. (Ed.)

Imaging with Microscopes

During the last European Microscopy Conference EMC2016 held in Lyon, a micrograph exhibition was proposed covering different techniques in microscopy, from Confocal Optical Microscopy to Holography and High Resolution in TEM, through SEM and X-ray Tomography, owing to series of images kindly provided by various authors throughout the world (short presentation in the PDF file below).

16th European Microscopy Congress in Lyon

On behalf of the French Society of Microscopy SFµ, we would like to warmly welcome you in the charming and cultural city of Lyon for the 16th European Microscopy Congress - EMC2016, from August 28th to September 2nd, 2016, organized under the auspices of the European Microscopy Society (EMS) and the International Federation of Microscopy Societies (IFSM).

Abstract submission and Registration are open!

Site web : http://www.emc2016.fr/en