In situ nanomechanical testing of multifunctional graphene-reinforced ceramic-based composites using Transmission Electron Microscopy

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This job offer is related to a project supported by the ANR (French Agency for Research). The main objective of the project concerns the development of novel graphene ceramic matrix composites (GCMC), and more particularly silicon-based matrices of tribological interest, SiC and Si3N4, combining both high mechanical resistance and good thermal and electrical functionalities for dry- or water- lubricated tribological applications. This project is an active cooperation between internationally recognized actors, 3 public laboratories, LTDS, CIRIMAT and MATEIS and one industrial technical center, CETIM, to achieve these objectives.

You will first perform advanced characterization using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Samples with very different characteristics will be selected and a large part of your work will be devoted to in situ mechanical tests (compression, friction) in TEM to investigate the mechanisms involved. The experiments will be carried out on an aberration-corrected environmental TEM on samples you will prepare using a FIB/SEM microscope. Operando experiments in the TEM may also be performed by inserting gas, to test the influence of the surrounding environment.

Application deadline : 30th of October, 2022
Starting date : January 2023

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MATEIS, Villeurbanne
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