SEEN 2020: Solutions for Environmental Nanoscopy

On March 11 and 12 2020, CLYM in association with DENSsolutions and MILEXIA will organise SEEN2020, a 2 days workshop to demonstrate Solutions for Environmental Electron Nanoscopy: the Climate and Stream systems from DENSsolutions for TEM.  

Invited experts will share their experience in environmental EM:

  • Dr. Lorena Ruiz-Perez, UCL, London, UK (Liquid Microscopy)
  • Dr. Armand Béché, EMAT, Antwerpen, Belgique (Gas Microscopy)
  • Dr. Marc Willinger, ETHR Zurich, Suisse (Gas Microscopy)
  • Dr. Mohammad Moradi, TU Eindhoven, Pays-Bas (Liquid Microscopy)
  • Dr. See Wee Chee, FHI Berlin, Allemagne (Gas and Liquid Microscopy)