Microscope team

Stéphanie Reynaud (Laboratoire Hubert Curien), Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume (LGL), Mimoun Aouine (IRCELYON), Matthieu Bugnet (MATEIS), Yaya Lefkir (Laboratoire Hubert Curien)


Presentation of the microscope

The JEM-ARM200F Cold FEG NeoARM is a transmission electron microscope fitted with a cold-field emission gun and a last generation spherical aberration corrector of the condensor lenses. It is equipped with high-end analytical tools, such as a wide angle EDX spectrometer, and an electron energy-loss spectrometer for STEM-EELS and filtered imaging capabilities. This instrument is optimized for structural and chemical analysis at sub-nm (atomic) resolution. It was installed in March 2019, within the Hubert Curien Laboratory, UMR CNRS 5513, in Saint-Etienne (campus Manufacture).


Microscope features

  • High brightness cold-field emission gun (C-FEG, ~0.3eV energy spread)
  • TEM/STEM alignments @ 60, 80 and 200 kVTEM imaging ; point resolutio
  • n 1.9 Å, line resolution 1.0 Å @ 200 kV
  • STEM resolution : 0.78 Å @ 200 kV
  • Single-tilt and double-tilt (Be) reinforced sample holders + tomography add-on
  • Cs corrector CEOS ASCOR
  • STEM detectors : JEOL ADF, BF – GATAN ADF, BF/DF
  • Cameras : CMOS Gatan Rio 4k*4k + CCD GATAN ULTRASCAN 2k*2k Modèle 994 in the GIF
  • EDX Chemical analysis : Jeol EDX SDD CENTURIO-X (resolution 129 eV)
  • EELS : Gatan GIF Quantum ER (resolution 0.1 eV)


Photograph library