Manutech plasmonic TEM coming soon !

Université Jean Monnet is purchasing the Manutech plasmonic TEM, financed by Saint-Etienne Metropole in the realm of CPER financement. This project is led by Laboratoire Hubert Curien.


Installation of the microscope is foreseen at the end of year 2018 on Saint-Etienne “Manufacture” campus to ensure reinforcement of territorial collaboration forces between Lyon and Saint-Etienne, making excellence initiative of IDEX Université de Lyon a strong benefic reality for the microscopy scientific community.


This investment aims at providing to the members of the scientific community of CLYM federation a new electron microscopy offer :

  • Ultra-HR STEM for imaging and atomic scale chemical analysis
  • Ultra-HR for chemical spectroscopic analysis (valence / chemical links), and plasmonics (Energy loss spectroscopy)


The candidates will be selected on the basis of an open invitation to tender, see “marches publics” on the UJM website.